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Family-Friendly Luxury: SUV Rentals for Memorable Dubai Trips

As its popularity for being one of the best tourist destinations in the world has increased significantly, more and more people are now choosing Dubai for their luxurious expeditions. Diverse groups of tourists – including families – are arriving in this paradise from all corners of the world.


Amid glimmering structures and luxurious attractions, an SUV emerges as the perfect companion for families seeking comfort, and the freedom to chart their own adventures. This is why, SUV Car Rentals in Dubai have gained immense popularity in recent times. Apart from tourists, even locals choose to hire SUVs in Dubai when it comes to embarking on family or group adventures.


Why are VIP and Premium Car Rentals in Dubai Turning Towards SUV Rentals?


A Happy Beginning: The Dubai experience begins when families touch down at the airport. This is why it becomes extremely important to start the trip on the right note. With your luggage safely stowed in the SUV and your family tucked in carefully, the ride from the airport to your accommodation is a breeze. And a perfect start to the memorable journey through Dubai’s enchanting landscapes.


Space: In this day and age, who doesn’t like space? Families travelling with infants, toddlers, and teenagers may not appreciate the cramped quarters of other vehicles. Large groups often need a spacious refuge while embarking on their exploration tours – that may stretch up to days. SUVs, ranging from the stylish Mercedes Benz AMG GLE 63 to the robust Range Rover Velar, offer expansive interiors that ensure each family member has their own comfortable space. Several SUV car rentals in Dubai offer a wide selection of SUVs catering to the needs of families and large groups.


Safety First: When travelling with family, nothing is more important than the safety of your loved ones. This is why several SUV models offer advanced features, and ample cargo space to carry all that you need to ensure the safety of all during your adventurous ride. The robust build and cutting-edge safety features of SUVs allow for features such as adaptive cruise control to lane-keeping assist. These features transform your SUV into a mobile haven, keeping the family secure throughout your Dubai vacation.


What To Do After Renting An SUV?


Explore Dubai: The oft-praised feature of VIP and premium car rentals in Dubai is the flexibility they offer to tourists. With attractions as diverse as its skyline, Dubai is mesmerising. From the iconic Burj Khalifa to the family-favourite Dubai Aquarium to the stunning Jumeirah Beach, families can travel to all tourist spots armed with clothes, accessories, and props that can easily be stored in an SUV. The car delivers the freedom to create a no-holds-barred personalised itinerary unique to each family.


Dune driving: Your trip to Dubai is incomplete without the desert exploration tour. And SUVs have been the trusted companion for conquering the sandy terrains. Whether it’s dune bashing or sandboarding, SUVs such as Range Rover Vogue​ and Jeep Grand Cherokee ensure that every family member enjoys the ride with comfort. Want to know more about how SUVs enhance your desert exploration tours? Read it here.


Desert Picnics: Every vacation should have a balance of adrenaline and serenity. If dune bashing offers the thrill of a lifetime, desert picnics give you a wholesome opportunity to connect with your family. With SUVs, you can pack as many picnic essentials as you want to escape the urban hustle. Following that, all there’s left to do, is find the perfect spot amid the dunes, and create lasting memories surrounded by the golden sands.


Cruise Along The Coast: An SUV is your ticket to scenic coastal rides and seaside adventures. With SUVs equipped with sunroofs, the entire family can savour the beauty of Dubai’s coastline comfortably and bask in the shared experience.




So, before planning your next family getaway, read how to hire an SUV in Dubai here. It is important to opt for car rentals that offer tailor-made packages that align with your family’s needs. While 24/7 customer service is a must, for families to rest easy, an effective logistics and support team is of prime importance.


If you are looking forward to a trip filled with fun, comfort, and ease with your loved ones, book an SUV now. From thrilling desert escapades to scenic coastal drives, these vehicles will help create cherished family memories along with being the perfect backdrop for the family group photos.

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