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Guide To Best Road Trips In Dubai In Premium Luxury Cars Rented

The United Arab Emirates and Dubai have a well-deserved reputation for endorsing and celebrating luxury. From iconic skyscrapers to opulent resorts and malls, markers of luxury are intertwined with daily life in this region. It’s no surprise that premium car rentals in Dubai have gained prominence in recent years offering luxury cars to everyone for a VIP feel. With more and more travellers turning to road trips in Dubai, the competitive premium rental car market has only grown in Dubai giving customers much to celebrate.

With its stunning skyline and smooth highways, Dubai has become the perfect starting point for unforgettable road trips across the United Arab Emirates. But how can you take these journeys to the next level, especially under trying weather conditions? The answer is: Luxury car rentals in Dubai providing the VIP experience to all. Prepare to be amazed as we share some of the best road trips in the region and how premium car rentals in Dubai enhance the experience:

Dubai to Abu Dhabi: The Classic

One of the most quintessential road trips is the drive from Dubai to Abu Dhabi as it merges the thrill of visiting iconic landmarks with driving luxury cars acquired through premium car rentals. The landmarks you can cover on this route include:

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque: The architectural wonder displays the grandeur of Islamic art and design.

Louvre Abu Dhabi: The famous dome of the museum and the rare collection of artworks housed within make it a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts.

Corniche Beach: A drive along the beach in a vehicle rented from the VIP and luxury car rentals in Dubai gives an opportunity to recreate scenes from famous movies. The waterfront road offers spectacular views of the Arabian Gulf and is the perfect place to stop for your next Facebook cover photo.

Dubai to Fujairah: Nature’s Wonder

If witnessing cultural marvels is not your thing and you are in the mood for some scenic beauty, don’t worry. The premium car rentals in Dubai offer vehicles that can be taken all across the UAE. This creates a perfect opportunity to explore natural and scenic beauty while driving from Dubai to Fujairah.

Moutains: As you leave the tall and shiny skyscrapers of Dubai behind, you’ll be greeted by a gorgeous view of the Hajar Mountains on your journey. While driving on these winding roads might be a challenge for some, your rental luxury and premium car will ensure a smooth and comfortable ascent for you

Gulf of Oman Coastline: Many premium car rentals in Dubai recommend a pit stop on your way to Fujairah to appreciate the beauty of the Gulf of Oman coastline. Pull over your luxury car at any of the beaches that line the route and access the VIP amenities available in your vehicle while enjoying the untainted scenic beauty.

Rustic Villages: On this route, you will find many quaint and charming villages with unique characteristics. Stop for a coffee in a local café or relish traditional Emirati cuisine. Make some new friends during the trip and take photographs with the backdrop of your luxury car.

Dubai to Al Ain: Oasis in the Desert

Applauded as one of the most visited tourist destinations in UAE, the “Garden City” of Al Ain – a short drive away from Dubai – offers travellers to explore an oasis amid the arid landscapes of the UAE. One doesn’t need to be a VIP to call the luxury car rental companies and book a high-end vehicle for this high-end trip!

Al Ain Zoo: One of the world’s largest human-made safari, the zoo has a diverse collection of animals. You can also recreate the Instagram reels and feed the giraffes here!

Off-Roading Adventures: One of the best things about renting a luxury car through a premium car rental in Dubai is the freedom to explore Al Ain through individual off-roading adventures including dune bashing and exploring the red sands of Al Wathba.

To Conclude The VIP & Luxury Car Rental Road Trip Experience

With stunning road infrastructure and systems, road trips in luxury cars have become an increasingly common sight in Dubai and the UAE. Vloggers and travel influencers have also vouched for the same through their own experiences published on social media platforms. This is why premium car rentals in Dubai are not just catering to VIPs but to all those who are interested in luxury cars. These unforgettable journeys are elevated by the luxury car rentals in Dubai that provide the VIP feel adding an extra layer of luxury to the whole experience. So, when are you planning your next UAE road trip?


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