Best SUVs for Desert Exploration in Dubai

Off-Roading Adventures: Best SUVs for Desert Exploration in Dubai

If asked to name the first thing that comes to our minds when anyone mentions Dubai, nine out of ten people would talk about the deserts of the city, which often serve as majestic backdrops in so many videos, movies, and shoots. In other words, it won’t be wrong to say that Dubai is synonymous with the dunes. Be it international travel vloggers, production houses, tourists, or locals looking for a quick vacay, everyone in Dubai wants to go for Dubai’s desert exploration tours as they are one of the most sought-after tourist activities in the world. Almost all travel agencies have specialised packages offering Desert Safaris packed with thrill and adventure based on popular spots. However, not many talk about the most convenient way of undertaking desert exploration tours – booking the perfect car through SUV car rentals in Dubai. In recent years, more and more SUVs – from brands such as Toyota, Hummer, Range Rover, and Jeep Grand – have emerged as popular choices to explore the rugged and uneven terrains of the deserts in Dubai. The raw power of these cars combined with spacious interiors and design support make SUVs the perfect vehicle for desert tours. In...