Best SUVs for Desert Exploration in Dubai

Off-Roading Adventures: Best SUVs for Desert Exploration in Dubai

If asked to name the first thing that comes to our minds when anyone mentions Dubai, nine out of ten people would talk about the deserts of the city, which often serve as majestic backdrops in so many videos, movies, and shoots. In other words, it won’t be wrong to say that Dubai is synonymous with the dunes. Be it international travel vloggers, production houses, tourists, or locals looking for a quick vacay, everyone in Dubai wants to go for Dubai’s desert exploration tours as they are one of the most sought-after tourist activities in the world.

Almost all travel agencies have specialised packages offering Desert Safaris packed with thrill and adventure based on popular spots. However, not many talk about the most convenient way of undertaking desert exploration tours – booking the perfect car through SUV car rentals in Dubai.

In recent years, more and more SUVs – from brands such as Toyota, Hummer, Range Rover, and Jeep Grand – have emerged as popular choices to explore the rugged and uneven terrains of the deserts in Dubai. The raw power of these cars combined with spacious interiors and design support make SUVs the perfect vehicle for desert tours.

In this blog, we will talk about popular desert exploration tours in Dubai, various desert activities loved by tourists, how to rent or hire the perfect SUV through VIP and premium car rentals in Dubai for the experience of a lifetime, and what to carry on your desert exploration trip.

Embark on Desert Adventures: The Ultimate Guide to Best SUVs for Desert Exploration in Dubai

Activities Galore

There is something for everyone in the deserts in and around Dubai. From camping under a canopy of stars at Al Quaa Desert to enjoying wildlife tours and camel rides in the Lahbab Desert or Al-Khatam Desert, the list of adventure activities in UAE deserts is endless and exciting.  

While dune bashing and sandboarding are favoured choices, nothing matches the thrill and popularity of Sand Dune Driving – a favourite among all tourists. The Range Rover Vogue, a popular SUV offered by VIP and premium car rentals in Dubai, is a perfect choice for these activities as it masterfully tackles the dunes that often defeat other vehicles.

The five-seater Mercedes Benz AMG G63 is another popular choice that offers a thrilling yet effortless ride across sand dunes. The beauty of the pristine white SUV combined with its efficiency in navigating a challenging desert landscape makes it a perfect choice for all travellers looking for some adrenaline. The black beauties – Range Rover Vogue and Mercedes Benz AMG G63 Brabus – are two more favourite options in the same category.

Road Trip To The Deserts

The stunning highways in UAE along with exceptional road connectivity allow families and travel groups to embark upon memorable road trips before officially beginning the desert explorations. You can read more about Dubai’s most popular road trips here.

The varying topography of Dubai makes SUVs the most-suited choice for such road trips as they offer the needed reliability. A growing number of SUV Car Rentals In Dubai testify to the popularity of these multifunctional vehicles that allow you enough room to pack all essentials for your desert safaris without compromising on your comfort.

A few of the most popular road trips include scenic drives to Ras Al Khaimah desert, Liwa Oasis, and UNESCO World Heritage Site Al-Ain. A five-seater Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the most-liked choices for these trips. You can book the SUV here.

What To Keep In Mind?

Needless to say, sun protection is of supreme importance in the desert landscape. When it comes to clothing, one cannot go wrong with loose flowy cotton or linen apparel paired with covered shoes and lots of sunblock to protect the skin. Usage of hats and sunglasses is encouraged, especially for that iconic photo that will go on Instagram. Additionally, do not forget to pack essentials such as medicines for nausea and headaches, hydrating drinks, bottles of sunscreens, and comfortable sweatshirts for those desert nights. 


Why pick rigid schedules and packed tour buses when you can choose the ease of a private vehicle? While travel agencies may offer multiple packages at different rates to explore the deserts and soak in the experience, they are unlikely to match the comfort and flexibility of an SUV parked solely for your personal use. VIP and premium car rentals in Dubai have tapped into this demand-and-supply aspect and have been offering various customised packages that are easy on the pocket and focus more on convenience. So, look for rentals with 24/7 customer service and pick out the desired SUV for your perfect desert tour.

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